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Do you want to travel with a group of friends?  Have your family reunion at a beach destination or cruise?  Get together your local orginization and travel to experience things you all have in common?  Then group travel is what you want.

Group Travel






Group Travel is anyone looking for an adventure that wants others to join them.  Alumni groups, family reunions, a group of friends, orginizations or  specialty clubs.

What is Group Travel?

Benefits of Group Travel?

Exploring the world with friends, family or people we have things in common with is good for the soul.  Enjoy destinations you maybe wouldn't go to on your own, but with a group, you are able to relax and enjoy the experience with others.



Why Cornerstone Travel Group?

Cornerstone Travel Group has been in business for 50 years.  From airline tickets and hotel reservations, to coordinated dinners and specialty events, your travel group will be handled professionally, within your budget, and with top-rated customer service. As experts in group travel, we have access to special discounted group rates, group amenities and benefits, and customized group travel plans.



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